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Unlock potential with ‘Principles’: honesty, reflection, and collaborative innovation redefining cultural design

challenge thinking

Challenge conventional thinking and empower

At ELLA, we champion Ray Dalio’s “Principles” as a cornerstone of cultural design, providing a vital blueprint for personal and professional advancement. We advocate this method for its power to spark collaborative innovation, combining our expertise in strategic design with Dalio’s insights into human behaviour and economic dynamics.

Our role is to amplify team performance and refine your organisation’s framework for growth and scalability. In the fast-paced business arena, we tailor organisational structures and cultures for adaptability and efficiency, driving innovation, boosting productivity, and fostering enduring growth.

Aligning vision with structure

Cultural Design transcends mere restructuring—it harmonises your company’s framework with your strategic vision. Merging human-centric design with organisational psychology, we craft solutions that boost performance.

Paving excellence

We delve into your organisation’s essence, aligning with your leadership to unveil and leverage strengths. Redefining workflows and communication, we pave pathways for employee and business triumph.

Elevating team dynamics

Our approach integrates data, strategic harmony, and individual talent to enhance teamwork, using Dalio’s ‘Principles’ as our guide. Embrace our platform for seamless collaboration and peak organisational performance. Transform your team dynamics for a seamlessly efficient future.

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At the heart of the Principles tools is PrinciplesUs, a best-in-class personality assessment that empowers employees to understand themselves, understand others, and help others understand them. It provides deep insights into what individuals and teams are like, and how team members can use that understanding to improve their relationships and how they interact.

There are many benefits of using the PrinciplesUs platform to improve team performance, engagement and create better organisational culture.

“Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behaviour that gets you what you want out of life. They can be applied again and again in similar situations to help you achieve your goals.”

Ray Dalio


Increase in understanding team strengths and gaps, and practical strategies for how to work together most effectively.


Increase in employees feeling involved in decision-making that has an impact on your work, a team’s work, or the organisation at large.


of people reported having a deeper understanding of others’ perspectives to enhance team alignment than prior to the programme.

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