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At the heart of it all lies our technological know-how and unparalleled expertise. Our comprehensive solutions cover everything from Customer 360 CRM and Ecommerce to Data, AI and culture design.

During 2021 a Technology Reseller framework was awarded to ELLA by Salesforce, with ELLA becoming one of very few companies to achieve this status. With the power of Salesforce, alongside other technologies such as Amazon Web Services, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses empower their employees, better serve their customers, improve operational efficiencies, and remove outdated practices linked to inflexible legacy systems.

What makes us different though is our approach. We make it easier for businesses to embrace change with our ‘Digital Transformation as a Service’ framework, providing the services that guide and support our customers every step of the way, and the practical tools that make it a less daunting and more enjoyable journey.

We’re a fast-paced and growing company and we’re always looking for exceptional talent to join our team.

If you think you have what it takes, then connect with us now!

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