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Steer Conversational AI with powerful Revenue Digital Assistants and unlock opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Where is your Sales funnel failing you?

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer behaviours, the automotive industry faces a persistent challenge: lead management.

Despite substantial investments in marketing strategies and customer relationship management tools, effectively handling leads remains a pervasive issue for automotive businesses.

Are you struggling to generate new interest, suffering from anaemic conversion rates, or struggling to retain or grow customers?

Over 40% of salespeople identify prospecting as the most challenging phase of the sales process, yet only 8%* follow up five times.

Considering that 80% of sales occur between the fifth and twelfth contact, the question arises: how many leads could you be losing?

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Never miss a lead again!

With the power of Generative AI, Conversica’s state-of-the-art Conversational AI technology empowers revenue teams like never before. Their Revenue Digital Assistants™ interact 1:1 with every lead, whether outbound or inbound, prospect or existing customer, ensuring that opportunities are nurtured, qualified, and unlocked efficiently. This allows sales teams to concentrate on closing deals, while AI handles the rest.

Leverage powerful AI to get their attention & keep it for a lifetime


Conversica’s Digital Assistants have learnt from over 1.2bn interactions


Conversica can correctly identify the intent of the responses received over 98% of the time


Customers see an average 10x increase in pipeline and customer growth


Customers also see a 24x ROI

Timely & relevant responses pay off

Respond to every prospect immediately with helpful dialogue to capture their attention before another institution does.

Build loyalty with a personal touch

Stand out by offering everyone a personalised, two-way engagement that keeps them coming back.

Communicate when & where they want

Engage via email, webchat or SMS at any time, responding to questions & scheduling appointments.

Never miss an opportunity

Automatically engage with persistence to ensure no interest goes untouched or unnoticed.


Prompt engagement captures new buyers

  • Promptly send personalised follow-up to every enquiry, bringing buyers into your dealership
  • Engage leads in meaningful, two-way dialogue on the channel they choose: email, webchat and SMS
  • Answer questions immediately to strike while the iron is hot
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Build loyalty and create repeat buyers

  • Provide every customer with the personalised touch that makes your dealership stand out
  • Use client purchase history and preferences to deliver relevant conversations that foster future sales
  • Keep clients informed and excited about new models, trade-in options and promotions

Cultivate a lifelong service relationship

  • Monitor vehicle history to notify clients of upcoming maintenance and inspections and set up the appointment
  • Build trust by notifying owners of recalls, answering questions and getting them booked for service
  • Keep a pulse on overall satisfaction by automatically collecting feedback and addressing issues

Three ways to exceed expectations

Conversica’s RDAs are so engaging and efficient that of the people they reach out to 12% become conversation-qualified (That means 1 in 8 leads have a dialogue and confirm they are interested in talking with sales). And because they are conversation qualified they are the highest quality and have a much higher chance of converting.


Conversion rate

Capture interest in the moment with one-on-one attention that gives your brand the edge over competitors.


Conversation Qualified Rate

Two-way dialogue designed to identify and actively cultivate opportunities, putting prospects on the fast track to conversion.


ROI, average across all clients

Amplify and accelerate your existing lead process with integrated triggers that kick off personalised conversations.

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