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ELLA Digital Launches Pioneering Automotive Division: ELLA Auto

July 2, 2024

ELLA Digital Launches Pioneering Automotive Division: ELLA Auto

July 2, 2024 – ELLA Digital is thrilled to announce the launch of ELLA Auto, its ground-breaking automotive division designed to revolutionise the automotive retail industry. After months of strategic planning, ELLA Auto is ready to drive transformative growth and set new benchmarks in customer engagement and business scalability.

At ELLA Auto, we understand the critical importance of customer interaction across all digital touchpoints. Our mission is to develop comprehensive strategies that enhance the customer experience, unlocking unprecedented scalability and growth for our clients.

Jamie Dixon, Founder of ELLA Digital, emphasises, “ELLA Auto aims to be the trusted partner and pioneer in business evolution within the automotive landscape. We aim to revolutionise the industry through innovation, AI, personalised solutions and a relentless commitment to empowering businesses to be more efficient, modern and valuable.”

Fronting our ELLA Auto division is Automotive marketing veteran Sonia Hobbs. As Managing Director Sonia will be responsible for leading the division’s sales initiatives, overseeing the division’s strategic direction, and fostering partnerships with automotive retailers and OEMs. Her appointment marks a reunion with ELLA Digital’s leadership team, ELLA Digital’s founder Jamie Dixon and James Drewett, ELLA’s Group CRO with whom she has previously collaborated.

Hobbs’ extensive background in digital marketing, spanning more than 20 years, has seen her spearhead successful omnichannel marketing campaigns and seamlessly integrate online and in-store experiences for major automotive groups. Her most recent role as Marketing Director at the Harwoods dealer group, where she managed marketing efforts across 21 sites and nine franchise brands, exemplifies her ability to drive digital transformation and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

“This is just the beginning of an incredible journey,” says Hobbs. “With my passion and experience in the automotive industry and ELLA Digital’s prowess in digital transformation, I’m excited to make great change and influence how dealers can get closer to and win back customers and challenge conventional approaches by being smarter with data and AI.”

A key component of ELLA Auto’s offering is the integration of cutting-edge AI Revenue Digital Assistants™ from the award-winning team at Conversica. These innovative solutions are designed to turbocharge marketing, sales, and customer success efforts, opening new revenue streams for automotive retail partners.

With ELLA Digital’s extensive experience in the automotive sector and expertise in digital transformation, ELLA Auto is poised to empower businesses, forge stronger customer connections, and enhance commercial outcomes like never before.

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