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ELLA announces strategic partnership with Conversica to revolutionise the UK Automotive market

March 1, 2024

ELLA announces strategic partnership with Conversica to revolutionise the UK Automotive market

ELLA, a leader in digital transformation and customer-centric solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Conversica, the leading provider of Conversational AI solutions for revenue teams. This collaboration is set to radically transform the UK automotive industry, focusing on enhancing customer experience and improving performance.

Conversica’s state-of-the-art Conversational AI technology empowers revenue teams like never before. Their Revenue Digital Assistants™ interact 1:1 with every lead, whether outbound or inbound, prospect or existing customer, ensuring that opportunities are nurtured, qualified, and unlocked efficiently. This partnership allows all sales and service teams across the whole automotive lifecycle to concentrate on creating a strong relationship with the customer, while the AI handles the rest.

Andy Freeman, CEO of ELLA, commented on the partnership: “Our goal has always been to drive customer-centric outcomes using innovative solutions. The synergy between ELLA’s bespoke digital transformation expertise and Conversica’s advanced AI technology is set to redefine the automotive retail experience in the UK.”

Freeman, continues: “Our leadership legacy in the Automotive sector also provides us with a unique 360-degree view of the industry, making us natural partners to introduce Conversica’s tool to our peers.”

Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica, also shared his enthusiasm: “We are excited to partner with ELLA, a company known for its agility, Automotive heritage and customer-focused approach. Together, we are poised to deliver unparalleled AI-driven solutions to the UK automotive market, enhancing both customer engagement, as well as sales and service performance.”

ELLA specialises in providing a range of comprehensive solutions, leveraging the best-of-breed technology. From customer 360 CRM to AI-powered E-commerce, and data analytics, ELLA is at the forefront of enabling companies to excel in the digital economy. This partnership with Conversica is a testament to ELLA’s commitment to guiding companies through transformation, leading to modern, cloud-based, and adaptable businesses.

About ELLA Digital

ELLA Digital is a boutique digital transformation specialist, renowned for crafting customer-centric outcomes. With a proven track record in the automotive, manufacturing, and retail sectors, ELLA employs agile methodologies to adapt swiftly to business landscapes, empowering companies to lead in the digital economy.

About Conversica

Conversica is a leading provider of Conversational AI solutions for revenue teams. Their AI-driven assistants for Auto Sales and Service teams help companies engage with leads effectively, nurturing and qualifying them to unlock business opportunities, thereby revolutionising sales and marketing strategies. Conversica has been servicing the Automotive industry since 2009 with over 50 proven sales and service use cases.

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